The Cybertruck is finally here – but does it fulfill all the promises made in 2019?

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The 2024 Cybertruck may not have the range or starting price tag fans were hoping for, but it’s wackier, meme-worthy features remain intact. (Image courtesy of

Almost exactly four years ago, Tesla revealed the “Blade Runner”-inspired Cybertruck – a 3.5-ton stainless steel wedge, resistant to bullets and baseballs alike, with a maximum range of 500 miles and a modest starting price of $39,990.

Today, the first production Cybertrucks are finally on the road. Though the starting price has skyrocketed to $60,990 and the range has fallen to 340 miles, the rest of Tesla’s wacky promises seem fulfilled. The Cybertruck can tow 11,000 pounds, do 0-60 in 2.6 seconds and resist a blast from a Tommy Gun.

In short, it’s the perfect vehicle for repossessing Al Capone’s car.

– Chris Butsch, The Arizona 100